Friday, November 22, 2013

Newsletter November 22, 2013

MathWe will finish all lessons for unit 4 today with the test on Tuesday.  This test is one the most laborious test with plenty of opportunities for the students to have silly mistakes so I always encourage them to slow down and check their work. 
Science We have finished variables with Team Canada claiming victory in the flipstick Olympics.  It was a close competition and a great way to end the unit.  Students have been working on their first assessment in the unit as well.  The first time through the test they use just their memory, the second time through it they use their notes. 
Social Studies – We are busy thinking of what we each want to know about exploration.  Since we have combined reading and social studies we have been able to go through the background information and thus have freed up the time during social studies to work on projects. I cannot wait to see what the students create the next few weeks.  Our simulation ended this week with many students perishing through shipwrecks and sharks. I think this is the deadliest year we have had on record.  I was very impressed with the level of character understanding the students showed in their personal logs. 
Reading We continue working on note-taking skills as well as how to infer main idea amongst other non-fiction reading strategies.  Already I am seeing growth in the way students disseminate information and present it.  We have also started our second read aloud of the year “The False Prince” by Jenifer Nielsen, an action filled fantasy story. 
Writing We are almost done with our non-fiction picture books with the deadline being Tuesday afternoon.  I encourage students to work on them over the weekend if they are not close to being done.  Our next unit brings us back to realistic fiction writing just in time for the Yahara River Writers Contest.
Special Notes
*  Thank you for the great discussions and sharing at conferences.  It always a thrill for me to meet with you and share your child’s successes. 
*  Thank you for box tops brought in, the contest ends December 6th.
*  No newsletter next week so have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
*  Thank you so much for the great books donated to our library through the book fair.  I will be introducing them all to the students today, we are so spoiled.
*  More great book news:  J.C.Penney donated $100 worth of books to our classroom library through the Adopt A Classroom website, what a wonderful surprise. 
*  Snow gear is getting to be a necessity at this time of the year.  Please help your child bring in everything they need to stay warm.  If students need help acquiring gear please let mw know or contact Mrs. Simms-Mormino.
*  I run EdcampMadWI on January 25th, a free “un-conference” for anyone who wants to discuss things related to education.  You are all invited!  For more information see
*  Our winter break celebration is scheduled for the 20th of December so far.  It will start at 2 PM.
*  We are going to “The Nutcracker” at the Overture on December 13th!  More details to come on this great field trip.
*  Report cards will be sent home the week of December 13th.  We will also include a breakdown of how we assess the literacy portion. 
*  We started creating our holiday cards this week for the holiday card exchange we participate in.  Students asked if they could make extra ones to send to others which I think we will try to find time for.

* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Swimming is November 25th and December 2nd and 4th,   No school (Happy Thanksgiving) November 27th, 28th, and 29th, Winter Tea Wednesday, December 4th at 11:35 AM, Mrs. Ripp out for a conference December 10th and 11th, Nutcracker field trip Friday, December 13th, and winter break is from December 21st through January 1st.


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