Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Weekly Mystery Skype

We are doing Mystery Skype with Mr. Bedley's class!! I am  one of the reporters (  I am Rose ) and the other reporter is Charlie.
I believe this is Mystery Skype (M. S. ) #4, It started at 11:15 ( AM ). The think tanks are very organized, Isabel is the boss of the think tank, and she is doing very well, I think, considering all the people shouting at her. That was, in my opinion one of the most organized think tank times. Some other people disagree, but I think Isabel did a good job. The filters are the most organized-they seem to be enjoying it. The runners might need to do their job better, but not everything was their fault, according to other people around the room, they were getting shouted at just because they were there, and they didn't have questions always ready.
     They are supposedly very close to guessing our location. I believe they guessed if we border Lake Michigan.
     The Google mappers are doing their jobs to a point. The only thing not working is one of the chrome books.
     We guessed it! They live in California.
     They quickly guessed our location after that.
     It ended at 11:40ish.
     The debriefing is sort of discouraging, but it's good thing. There hasn't been any yelling, yet ( :p )
     The think tank didn't have questions because the first question has an answer has a certain question, and the answer was not what they thought it would be. Then they couldn't use the other questions because they wouldn't help us.
     Today I learned that when you panic, nothing good can happen. You just yell. Our M. S. was loud an dark because people panicked ( in some cases only slightly, and in others not at all ).
     Hope I ( we ) didn't drone,
Rose and Charles


Unknown said...

Rose, you did an excellent job describing this MS. I smiled to myself reading this and picturing the shouts and panic of an excited group of students trying to guess the location of the other class. Thank you for sharing the experience... Mrs. Lopez (Nathan's mom)

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