Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Very First Genius Hour

Thursday was our very first genius hour and it was a thrill to see the students create and make projects that they were interested in.  We did discuss a few things afterwards to help improve the experience for this coming Tuesday.

  • Students should try to pick something they want to learn more about so that it becomes a true learning experience.
  • Students should do a little bit of research outside of school is time permits but should not be spending hours outside of school getting ready.
    students should pick a project that they can get done within the 40 minutes.
  • Students should pick partners that will put in equal work.
Overall, the students seemed to love it, I certainly did and I look forward to incorporating this throughout the year.


Unknown said...

Pernille loved looking at the pictures on your genius hour projects. I teach 2nd grade and have a genius hour every other Friday and let the students create something in one of the apps we have been using for a while! Then I showcase each project using reflector throughout the week the following week to let students see what others have created. You still need a little structure in the lower grades but the students always seem to come up with something creative. Thanks for sharing

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