Friday, October 18, 2013

Newsletter October 18, 2013

Special Notes:
* We continue to just have a blast learning.  While this was a wonky week with a sub and a field trip, we still got a lot done.  I am also noticing how perseverance is increasing and a general “can do it” attitude developing.  I will be giving them a new challenge later today as a treat.
* Next week will be a short one with a lot of learning packed into 3 days.  We will wrap up essays, have another genius hour, fly some planes, and shoot off some rockets.  There will be no spelling or DLR, but there will be a blogging challenge.
* We are looking for supplies to be donated to shoot off rockets:  If you have an extra bottle of vinegar or baking soda, please send it in.  We are also looking for plastic water bottles for this challenge on Wednesday. 
* The students are busy blogging and have been rewarded with many comments from England, Argentina, India and Canada.   Please take a moment to leave the kids a comment; they work so hard on their blogs.
* What a great field trip, I was incredibly proud of the students and their behavior.  Thank you also to our chaperones for coming in.  
*  Thank you for the book orders, they will be ordered later today.
* Thank you for signing up for conferences, you will receive your confirmation today in Friday Folders.  If you have not signed up you will get a list of times available instead.
*  As always a weekly reflection also went home today in Friday Folders. 
* Pride paws can now be traded in for stuff in Willy’s Warehouse, once kids receive their orders I ask them to please bring the things home.
* Dates for your calendar:  No school Thursday, October 24th and Friday, October 25th, Sub in the morning Thursday, October 31st Fall/Harvest/Halloween party moved to Friday, November 1st 1 PM,   Picture re-take is Tuesday, November 5th, Conferences start the week of November 11th
MathWe have just started unit 3 with the test so far scheduled for on November 5th.  The students will be working with their protractors and compasses and also learning about angles so please make sure they have both tools.  I am excited to see the progress in math facts as we continue to do the tests in the morning.
Social Studies – The second chapter on the early people is in full swing and the students continue to field ideas for genius hour.  The next one is this Monday where all students will be working by themselves to create something. 
Science – We flew our planes for a few moments this week and will continue to explore which variables we can change and whether it will affect the outcome.
Reading We have been working on our stamina again this week as some students stopped reading during reading.  I have no doubt that we will be back to full speed again soon.  I have pulled many small groups as we discuss how to have deeper reading conversations and there have been a lot of buzz about books in here.  I have 6 books with long waiting lists at the moment!

Writing Students have been drafting their essays and some have even finished already.  This has given them a chance to start work on other Yahara writing projects.  Overall, I am pleased with the deep thinking that is happening in here as far as figuring out how to set up their essay, write persuasively, and give good reasons for their argument.  We will be wrapping up essays by next week.


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