Monday, October 21, 2013

Deep Understanding of Characters - An Assignment

Deep Understanding of Characters
Due Wednesday Afternoon

The last couple of weeks in reading we have been focusing on understanding and thinking deeply about the characters in our books.  Therefore I would like you to show me all that you know!
Things we have discussed have included:
  • How the character’s choices affect our view of them.
  • How the characters are viewed by minor characters
  • How a character’s special item or object tells us something about them.
  • What choices that seem out of character can tell us .

Write one or two paragraphs about a character in your independent reading book and what you know about them.  While it would be great to include some description of them, I am looking more for a deeper understanding of them like you have done with Melody and Mrs. V.  Work can be typed or written on paper and is due Wednesday at the end of the day.   Remember to set up your paragraphs correctly with an introduction/topic sentence and a concluding sentence, as well as use text evidence.


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