Monday, September 23, 2013

Thank You From Mrs. Ripp

Last night when we landed from Washington DC at 9:30 PM I knew I would be a little bit tired today.  After all, it had been quite a whirlwind of a weekend with many great events.  Yet, I could not wait to get back to "my" kids and tell them all about it.  So imagine my surprise when I walked in to the classroom this morning to be greeted by the awesome signs hanging on my wall.  Although I am pregnant and prone to tears,  I think I would have cried even if I wasn't.  When Lynne and Joanie then walked in and handed me roses, a balloon and more handwritten cards than I have ever received I started to cry.  I am so overwhelmed by your words, your support, and your kindness.

Every day I come to work with a smile because I know I get to be part of something incredibly valuable and precious.  The fact that you trust me with the learning of your child means a great deal to me and it is a responsibility I hold in great regard.  I don't ever expect anything extra from anyone so thank you for everything you have done and everything you do for me.  I am lucky to get to be your child's teacher and I know it.

All my best,


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