Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Spelling Program Explained

Today I explained the spelling program to the students and how we have specific tasks each day with the test on Friday.  I expect all students to get 100% on the test.  At the moment we all have the same list with no excuse words, I have been getting these from journal entries and other work.  Soon we will switch to differentiated lists.  

Here is the  explanation of the days that were given to the students today.  

Weekly Spelling Morning Work Routine
All work should be in your spelling notebook

Monday Morning: Sentences
Write five sentences using at least 1 spelling word per sentence. Underline your spelling word in each sentence.  Make these sentences good quality

Tuesday Morning: Making Connections
  1. Choose 4 of your spelling words. For each word, make a connection to four NEW words (that are NOT your spelling words) based on sound, spelling pattern, etc.
  2. The connection can be about beginning sounds, ending sounds, how many syllables, short vowels, long vowels, or words that rhyme with your spelling word.  See the sheets in this packet for examples of good connections you can make with spelling patterns!
  3. Staple the sheet to your notebook.

Wednesday Morning: Short story
All work should be in your spelling notebook.
Write a story using at least 7 of your spelling words. Underline your spelling words in the story. Make this story at least 7 sentences long.

Thursday Morning: Buddy Check
1. Find a buddy at school
2. Tell your buddy to read each word to you. As your buddy reads each word, write it down in your notebook – see template for how it should be set up.
3. After your buddy has read all the words, they check them over.  If the word is correct, put a star next to it.  If a word is spelled incorrectly, circle it. Have your buddy read the incorrect words to you again. Write those words in the second column labeled “Try Again.”
5. For any words you misspelled on the first try, write them correctly (you can look at your word list) in the third column labeled “Correct Spelling”.  Circle the parts of the word you need to remember.  Write your scores at the bottom of each column.


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