Friday, September 20, 2013

Our First Class Mystery Skype

As reporters we were supposed gather info about the mystery skype. We called the other class at 10:10. Of course they did not answer, but at 10:15 they called us back.The first time we called the profile said what city they were from so now all we had to do was look up what state it was in but only some people saw it. Kevin, the greater did great job greeting the other class. First question was asked by the other class which was "Do you live in the U.S.A?". The think tank didn't have to think about that one. It was an easy yes. The next girl came up to ask the next question but she was wearing a South Burlington T- shirt. Almost every one saw that. The next question we asked which was "Do you live in Vermont?". That was a yes totally. Then they started asking us more questions. One question was "Is it hot or cold there?". We could not answer that question because it was not a yes or no question. So they tried again and asked " Is it hot there?". We couldn't answer that question because it wasn't specific. So They tried one more time and asked " Is it always hot there?". We said no. There was only one question that the think tank answered wrong. The other team guessed "Do you border Canada?". The think tank said yes and the other team got so excited! But then  We told them that we answered wrong and we could tell there hearts sank. The next question they asked was "Do you boarder a Great Lake?". That gave it away. As soon as they guessed us we all started to clap. We asked some more random questions then hung up. We had a wonderful first mystery skype as reporters and we hope you liked this blog!

Alli and Isabel


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