Friday, September 20, 2013

Newsletter September 20, 2013

Special Notes
* Channel 15 stopped by this morning to ask me some questions about the Bammys and also film the kids in action.  It will air tonight at 6 PM and then again on the weekend show. 
*Spelling lists may look very easy for some students, I have to test the 5th grade no excuse words every trimester and this is the easiest way to do it.  If you child gets all of them right they do not have to be tested the rest of the year on these.  We will get through them quickly, I promise, and then get some harder words.
*  Thank you for all of those who have signed up for fall conferences, here is the link again
* Speaking of the Bammys, thank you so much for your kind words.  As I said to a parent last night, “The reason I love my job is the kids and the reason I get to be recognized is the kids and the trust they put in me every day.  I always feel so fortunate that I get to be a part of their lives for a year and I hope they leave fifth grade knowing that they matter to me and to the world and that they too have power. 
* Thank you so much everyone for the book orders, they will be placed later today and will hopefully be here soon.
* Don’t worry if your child missed MAP testing, we will make up any missed test when they are here.
* We are doing our first Mystery Skype later today: I cannot wait to see how it goes.  Our reporters will be reporting after the call so a post will be up later.
* We found out early that we are expecting another little girl this February.  While Brandon certainly was hoping for another little boy to keep Oskar company, we just feel lucky that so far the baby is happy and healthy. 
* Picture re-take day is Tuesday, November 5th
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars:  Math test unit 1 Monday, September 23rd, MAP testing Wednesday, September 25th 10:45-11:45, New math unit starts Wednesday, September 25th, Mrs. Ripp sub all day for meeting October 3rd, PTO Fall Dance Party Night is Friday, October 4th 6 PM.  Picture re-take is Tuesday, November 5th.

MathWe will have our first math test on Monday, the results will then be sent home next week with a progress checklist for your child.  The next unit and shuffling of the kids takes place on Wednesday where we go into estimation and computation.  Kids are quickly realizing that if they do not know their math facts they are a massive disadvantage; please have them practice when you can.
Social Studies – We are halfway through our zombie presentations and I must say I am excited to see the results next week when the students present. 
Science – We finally started variables this week and realized that we need to be right on task with science; 35 minutes at the end of the day just flies by.  Due to the sub today we will continue with our science experimentations on Monday.    
Reading – Literacy assessments are ongoing and I am enjoying the reading conversations that I am having with the students.  We have partnered up with each other to have deeper reading discussions and have also been very honest with each other in how we feel about reading and how we can become the best readers we can be.   
Writing I cannot tell you enough how wonderful the blogs have been this week, if you have not checked them out please do Every Friday I will post the weekly challenge and then have it due the following Thursday night.  They can always stay in during recess to do it and we integrate times throughout the week to do it.   While I do check for spelling on the blogs, they are not graded; the students use them as a way to connect with the world and do receive feedback on them.  I will often leave a private comment to the student if they have major changes to make but otherwise the blog works as an electronic trail for me to see their growth as writers as well.  We have also been working on memoirs as we launch the writers workshop.  We will be wrapping this unit up in the next few days and then move on to essays.


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