Friday, May 31, 2013

Newsletter May 31, 2013

Special Notes:
*Field trip is this Wednesday starting at 8:45 and we will be gone all day.  Your child should bring swim wear and a towel for the afternoon’s swimming. 
*  Yearbook signing will happen Tuesday.  If a child did not order a yearbook we will give them a piece of paper for kids to sign.   
* Graduation information went home last week, please let me know if you have any questions.
*  Please take the year end parent survey found either on our website or sent to you in an email.  This is a tremendous way for me to become a better teacher and I thank you in advance for your honesty and time.
* We get to have a popsicle party with our buddies on Monday.  We have done so many fun things with them and the students have been such great role models.
* Report cards will be sent home with students on Friday. 
*  We have been getting book recommendations through Skype and have been adding to our to read lists.  Students will have typed up list to share with you for inspiration for what they want to read this summer.
*  8 students have finished their 6 book challenge for the trimester, I am surprised so many still haven’t finished it – it is due by next Friday.
*  We have so much to do!  These final days of 5th grade are very busy ones, I relish the last week with the students.
*  Talent show was a blast – what great talents these kids have!  Videos of performances are up on our website.
*Don’t forget about the special PBIS celebration days next week.  Monday – wear your tie- dye, Tuesday:  Wear Neon, Wednesday – dress like a twin or triplet, Thursday – Badger day.
*  Ms. Finnesey’s room is collecting money for the Tornado victims in Moore, OK – send in your donations if you would like.
*  I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Lock Out June 5th all day, 5th Grade Graduation June 7th 1:30 PM in lunch room.
MathWe have been very busy working on our teapot challenge with the students using a lot of their math and science skills to create the safest box to ship the Japanese teapot to Ontario.  The winning box design will be picked today and shipped next week.
Science Our students became teachers this week as they taught their biome science lessons.  The Grasslands group really knew a lot of information and I am excited to see how the other groups will teach.
Social Studies – Students finished their simulation agreeing that getting a bill to be passed is hard work.  We wrapped up our social studies unit for the year leaving America in 1800 at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution.
Reading We started Coraline and have been sneaking in extra read aloud time whenever possible.  We also finished rehearsing our synthesized versions of The Three Little Pigs to be performed on Monday and filmed for our website.  Library finished today with Mr. Powers, hard to believe that this was his final day with these kids.  This is a great time to sweep through your house to check for any stray classroom books or library books.  Please send them in ASAP.

Writing We have been busy writing our memoirs, thank you letters, and dear new 5th graders letters.  Some of the letters are really cracking me up.  We will finish memoirs today and share them next week.  


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