Friday, May 31, 2013

Newsletter May 31, 2013

Special Notes:
*Field trip is this Wednesday starting at 8:45 and we will be gone all day.  Your child should bring swim wear and a towel for the afternoon’s swimming. 
*  Yearbook signing will happen Tuesday.  If a child did not order a yearbook we will give them a piece of paper for kids to sign.   
* Graduation information went home last week, please let me know if you have any questions.
*  Please take the year end parent survey found either on our website or sent to you in an email.  This is a tremendous way for me to become a better teacher and I thank you in advance for your honesty and time.
* We get to have a popsicle party with our buddies on Monday.  We have done so many fun things with them and the students have been such great role models.
* Report cards will be sent home with students on Friday. 
*  We have been getting book recommendations through Skype and have been adding to our to read lists.  Students will have typed up list to share with you for inspiration for what they want to read this summer.
*  8 students have finished their 6 book challenge for the trimester, I am surprised so many still haven’t finished it – it is due by next Friday.
*  We have so much to do!  These final days of 5th grade are very busy ones, I relish the last week with the students.
*  Talent show was a blast – what great talents these kids have!  Videos of performances are up on our website.
*Don’t forget about the special PBIS celebration days next week.  Monday – wear your tie- dye, Tuesday:  Wear Neon, Wednesday – dress like a twin or triplet, Thursday – Badger day.
*  Ms. Finnesey’s room is collecting money for the Tornado victims in Moore, OK – send in your donations if you would like.
*  I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Lock Out June 5th all day, 5th Grade Graduation June 7th 1:30 PM in lunch room.
MathWe have been very busy working on our teapot challenge with the students using a lot of their math and science skills to create the safest box to ship the Japanese teapot to Ontario.  The winning box design will be picked today and shipped next week.
Science Our students became teachers this week as they taught their biome science lessons.  The Grasslands group really knew a lot of information and I am excited to see how the other groups will teach.
Social Studies – Students finished their simulation agreeing that getting a bill to be passed is hard work.  We wrapped up our social studies unit for the year leaving America in 1800 at the cusp of the Industrial Revolution.
Reading We started Coraline and have been sneaking in extra read aloud time whenever possible.  We also finished rehearsing our synthesized versions of The Three Little Pigs to be performed on Monday and filmed for our website.  Library finished today with Mr. Powers, hard to believe that this was his final day with these kids.  This is a great time to sweep through your house to check for any stray classroom books or library books.  Please send them in ASAP.

Writing We have been busy writing our memoirs, thank you letters, and dear new 5th graders letters.  Some of the letters are really cracking me up.  We will finish memoirs today and share them next week.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Talent Show 2013 Videos

What wonderful performances by the students for our in-class talent show 2013.  I tried to capture it all on video so here you are.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Egg Drop 2013

We had two winning teams in here!  Congratulations to Marquez & Vivian, Buddy & Alicia!

Pictures from the Egg Drop

Thursday we designed our egg drop contraptions;

much creativity buzzed in the room.

Government Simulation Pictures

We have been busy trying to make bills into laws during social studies so just a few snap shots from that.

Congratulations Buddy and Noah E

Our two Yahara winners!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Students Browsing Books for their Summer Reading List

A short video of what we did during resource time today; found great books for our summer reading lists!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Instagram Safety

I know many of the students are on Instagram and thus thought it helpful to share this article discussing how to help them stay safe on there.

An excerpt from the article
Next, you need to understand that even if your kids’ profiles are set to private, their bio is still public information. Make sure there is no pertinent information included in your children’s bios, including names of schools, phone numbers, and obviously, addresses. Even a last name may be harmful.

To read the rest, please click on this link

Newsletter May 17, 2013

Special Notes
*Reminder:  Glacier Creek 5th grade parent night is this coming Tuesday, May 21st 6:30 – 7:30 PM in the school cafetorium.  This is a great night for information regarding middle school student development, their school program, basic school contact information, and parent questions.
*  Time to return books to the school and classroom library.  Please help your child look for books that need to be handed in, I am missing a lot of books.
*   For graduation, students are being asked to wear their tie-dye shirt or West Middleton shirt.  An invitation will be going home soon.
*  New on our website: a video of the egg drop build,  student reading plan survey, video of students working on biomes.
* In class talent show will be next Friday.  Unfortunately parents are not invited as we are doing it for our 1st grade buddies as well as two kindergarten classes.  I will post a video of it later. 
*  The final week of our box tops and food drive is next week.  Please send in anything you can donate.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars:, Tangle of the Titles May 21st 1 PM,  Talent Show Friday, May 24th 1:45 PM, No school Monday, May 27th,  Orchestra performance Wednesday, May 29th 2 PM, Lock Out June 5th all day, 5th Grade Graduation June 7th 1:30 PM in lunch room.
MathThe final unit of the year will be wrapped up next week with the test scheduled For Wednesday.  It has been wonderful to see the mathematical concepts taught throughout the year come together to form new meaning.    After that we will hopefully start the teapot project.    
Science We were busy building our egg drop contraptions, check out the video of the build on our website.  A video from the actual egg drop will be recorded and posted on our website as well.  As always the ingenuity of the students was wonderful and especially those that realized midway through the build that their device would fail and then changed it.  Most of our plants are also growing quite a bit, these students have a green thumb for sure.
Social Studies –  We also started our simulation, “How a Bill becomes A Law,” with students acting as both concerned citizens and the government.  President Billy got to nominate 3 Supreme Court Judges and we now start to draft our bills.  The students also played constitutional games on – fantastic website that is free and open to play – wonderful fun. 
Writing Great blogging this week on Innovation day.  A new challenge will be posted later today.  I hope to have students print out all of their kidblog entries and create a journal of their year, as their accounts will be deleted come August.  We started our first draft of memoir yesterday and will continue working with it until the end.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Phase 1 of the Egg Drop

Students designed and built their egg drop contraptions today - we cannot wait to throw them off the kindergarten roof tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Are Working on Our Reading Plan

I had students do this survey today which we will use to create our very own reading plans and Animotos.  By the end of this each student will have a list of books they are interested in reading over the summer and great ideas of how to stay reading.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Students Working on Biomes

We are very busy creating our biome lesson plans with the ultimate goal of the students becoming the teachers.  We did a mid-way point check in today and I am very impressed with how deeply the students are considering their audience  how do they want to be taught and how can they keep them engaged.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Newsletter May 10, 2013

Special Notes
* Thank you to all of you who made food for us Wednesday in honor of teacher appreciation week, it was very delicious.
* Innovation Day was amazing!  I will put together a video of it in the coming week.  We will do a gallery walk presentation to show off all of our projects; it is always quite incredible to see what the students create.
* Don’t forget to send in pictures for the graduation bulletin board.
*  What a rainy day at the track meet but the kids did phenomenal.  They really made me so proud!  Pictures have been posted on our website.
*  Don’t forget to take the end of the year survey, link is on our website or ask for a paper copy.
*  Talent show slips should be sent in to me ASAP.  I am excited to see the kids perform.
* Final book order due today – get them in now for summer reading!
 * I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Sub all day May 15th, Egg Drop Friday, May 17th at 2 PM (we are putting Mr. Jerry on the roof!), Tangle of the Titles May 21st 1 PM,  Talent Show Friday, May 24th 1:45 PM, No school Monday, May 27th,  Orchestra performance Wednesday, May 29th 2 PM, Lock Out June 5th all day, 5th Grade Graduation June 7th 1:30 PM in lunch room.

MathWe finished unit 11 this week and start our final unit today.  All of my math kids will stay with me for this unit with the test scheduled for May 23rd right now.  Then we do the teapot project for a few weeks if all goes well.
Science The plants have sprouted and the students are pretty excited about it.  We have also continued our work on our biome project, I love hearing the discussion of how students will teach this or that concept to their fellow students.    Next week it is also all about the egg drop, which will take place Friday at 2:00 PM by sticking Mr. Jerry on the kindergarten roof.  We can’t wait!
Social Studies – We have been busy discussing the Constitution as well as its amendments.  Next week we will vote for president as we start our law simulation.
Reading Reading has been limited this week with MAP testing , Innovation day and track meet.
Writing We have done very little writing in writing this week due to all of the other things we had going on.  However, the students reacted to a video by Suli Breaks on their blogs, if you have not seen the video you should take a moment to watch it, it is very powerful.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Track Meet 2013

What a day at the track meet; it may have been raining most of the day but these kids were so engaged and wonderful.  I was incredibly proud of how they carried themselves and their sportsmanship.  We should get results soon from Mrs. Odgren but I know already  many of our students did place.

Innovation Day Pictures

What an incredible day of learning!  More pictures to come of the actual products created.

Monday, May 6, 2013

End of Year Survey 2012-13

I cannot believe it but the end of the year is sneaking up on us fast.  So please take a moment to fill out the survey below; it greatly helps me improve as an educator.  I will also send home a paper copy if you prefer to do it that way.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Track Meet Schedule

8:50 Assemble in the bleachers for announcements
8:55 Stretching
9:00 50 meter dash preliminaries (Girls, Boys)
100 meter dash preliminaries (Girls, Boys)
9:45 50 meter dash semi finals (Girls, Boys)
100 meter dash semi finals (Girls, Boys)
10:05 Field Events
11:00 800 meter run
11:30 Assemble for lunch
12:10 Finish field events
12:15 50 meter finals
12:25 100 meter finals
12:35 400 meter run
1:10 50 meter shuttle relay
1:30 400 meter relay
1:55 Mile relay (Girls, Boys)
2:10 Assemble for closing
2:30 Leave for school

Newsletter May 4, 2013

Special Notes
* The track meet is this coming Thursday; I will post the schedule on our website later today.  Thank you so much to Anitra, Fran, Geraldine, and Traci for donating snacks and beverages.  Cross your fingers for good weather!  We will ask students to wear their tie-dye t-shirts.
* Final book order is coming home today and is due next Friday.  I have already eyed 7 books that are must reads for the summer.  I am also crowd-sourcing a summer reading list for the students and will share later this year.
* Please get the pictures in for the graduation bulletin board; students should submit a picture of them now and from when they were younger.  Please write their name on the back of the pictures. 
* If you would like an end of the year conference, please email me.  We can set one up for the coming weeks. 
* We got quite the surprise on Wednesday when 17 marching band members, our superintendent, our school board president and other people came in during math.  The great news was that we had been awarded a grant for a classroom iPad!  I cannot wait to get it in the hands of the students.
* We will be having our very own talent show in our room on May 24th.  All students are encouraged to participate and just have to submit the slip to me to let me know what they will be doing.  Our 1st grade buddies will be part of the audience that day.
* Innovation day is this Wednesday, which means students need all of their materials here by Monday.  I cannot wait to document the day.  You are also more than welcome to stop by and see the kids at work if you have time.  As always, our door is open.  We will work all day except for recess time and art.
* The students also made me proud on our visit to Glacier Creek.  It was wonderful to see their excitements and their curiosity about their new adventure. 
 * I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: MAP testing Map 6th and 7th 1 PM, Innovation Day Wednesday, May 8th all day, Track meet at the high school Thursday, May 9th, Sub all day May 15th, Egg Drop Friday, May 17th at 2 PM (we are putting Mr. Jerry on the roof!), Tangle of the Titles May 20th1 PM, Lock Out June 5th all day, 5th Grade Graduation June 7th 1:30 PM in lunch room.
MathWe had our last lesson today of unit 11 with the test scheduled for Tuesday.  Then no math Wednesday or Thursday and pre-test for unit 12 Friday.  The final unit is on ratio, probability and rates and will take us to the end of the year.
Science We planted our plants Wednesday and have started observing them.  Because there is little growth here in the beginning, we are also busy at work on our biome lesson.  The students are very driven and being very thoughtful on how they want to teach the other students about their biome. 
Social Studies – We have started government discussing the three branches, as well as going in detail with the Constitution.  We are getting all of our background information so that we can finish the year with the simulation on how a bill becomes a law.
Reading We have been busy reading and checking our comprehension with Time for Kids.  Students have also presented their tangle projects with the next book due on May 17th.  On Monday we start our MAP testing and I also have a few students to assess.  We are definitely reading a lot of books in here and I cannot wait to see the growth the students are doing.
Writing Students have been sharing meaningful moments all week and some of them have brought us to tears.  This weekend their homework is to interview a family member about a shared memory and to jot down notes in their memory log.  We will continue this writing unit until the end of the year.