Friday, April 26, 2013

Newsletter April 26, 2013

Special Notes
* Don’t forget to send in Box Tops and food donations for our big fundraiser to send Mr. Macklem to the roof.
* Track meet is next week Thursday (hopefully) and students need to bring a BROWN BAG lunch.  We simply do not have rooms in our coolers for any fancy bags or anything like that.  Also, all items in their lunches need to be disposable or students will have to carry them in their backpacks.  Please check the weather forecast the night before to make sure your child has enough warm clothes or sunscreen if need be.  Extra socks are always a great thing to pack.  Parents are more than welcome to come and see the events.  I will try to post a schedule of approximate times on our website.
*  The first project was due for Tangle of the Titles today, I love hearing the students give their honest opinion.
*  One final book order for the year will be coming in May; there are great books in the magazines for summer reading.
*  Please make sure your child fills out the Innovation Day form, it is due on Tuesday.
*  Speaking of Tuesday; we go to Glacier Creek at 8:15 on Tuesday, that means students have to be here by 8:15 if they are being dropped off.  We will wait for late busses but not late kids being dropped off. 
* The egg drop is coming and we are still looking for someone to donate eggs or Ziploc bags, let me know if you are interested.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Glacier Creek visit April 30th 8:30 to 10:15 AM, 5th grade track meet Thursday, May 2nd, MAP testing Map 6th and 7th 1 PM, Innovation Day Wednesday, May 8th all day, Sub all day May 15th, Tangle of the Titles May 20th1 PM, Lock Out June 5th all day, 5th Grade Graduation June 7th 1:30 PM in lunch room.
MathWe started unit 11 this week and it is a very short unit reviewing geometric solids as well as volume.  So far the test is scheduled for May 9th.  This unit highlights many concepts that were introduced both in 4th grade as well as earlier in the year and so many students are quite successful in this unit.  We then start the final unit on May 13th.
Social Studies – We wrapped up the timeline of the Revolutionary War and students were handed back their timelines with an assessment rubric.  We also did our final genius hour researching self-chosen topics about government.  We then start to discuss the formation of the government, as well as the Constitution.  We hope to squeeze in one more simulation as well before the end of the year.
Science – We will plant our plants on Monday and start the final unit; Environment.  We are also working on our biome projects where the students have to research and teach the other students about their biome.   Students will hand in their lesson plan and be ready to teach on May 28th.   Guidelines as well as sample lesson plan is on our website.
Reading We have been using Time For Kids to practice our critical reading strategies and heighten our awareness of how we answer comprehension questions.  We will continue to hone our skills until the end of the year.     
Writing We are busy publishing our poetry.  Some students have been brave enough to publish their poetry on our blogs; bravo!  We start memoir on Monday and students need to bring in a meaningful photograph from their life to discuss.


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