Friday, April 19, 2013

Newsletter April 19, 2013

MathUnit 10 wraps up on Monday with the test.  Unit 11 goes into more detail with volume which will be somewhat of a familiar territory.  I have been excited to see great gain in math facts knowing how crucial they are for the rest of our lives.  I have been lucky enough to teach advanced math this week for Ms. Weber, what a lot of fun that has been.  Ms. Weber returns on Monday.
Social Studies – We have been busy creating timelines of the 7 most important events of the Revolutionary War as determined by each student.  Students really have to use their comparing and contrasting skills for this and I look forward to seeing their thinking on Monday when it is due.
Science – We finished our Grand Canyon Challenge last week but have been out of toner.  As soon as we are able to print them, the students will be defending their designs to the class and we will display them in the hallway.  We also finished and discuss our landforms assessment.  Students had to work their way through it using known resources and they ended up grading themselves as well.  The most important piece of this was the self-reflection that happened after the assessment; how can they grow and use this experience?
Reading We have been using Time for Kids a lot as we work on reading for information and reading for learning.  We have also been busy with our tangle of the Titles books, first projects are due next Monday.  We have been reading and reciting a lot of poetry as well.
Writing We have continued our poetry exploration and written poetry inspired by the sounds in our lives, as well as some inspired by the dreary rainy days.  Today we have two slam poets coming from Madison to visit us and discuss what it means to be a professional poet and where they get their inspiration from.
Special Notes
* Schedules get really wonky in April and May for 5th grade so I continually update the calendar with information and deadlines as well as other events so do check it out.
* What a week it has been.  We are looking forward to a much calmer and quieter week next week.
* Thank you to the wonderful parents that were able to come with us to the Engineering Expo.  The trip is such a hit because of how many parents we are able to bring.  The students really represented us well; I am very, very proud of them
* The Egg Drop is coming!  But not until May… The students are thrilled they get to partake in this 5th grade tradition.  We are looking for people to donate a box of Ziploc sandwich bags, as well as 4 dozen eggs.  If you would like to donate one of those items (such as one dozen eggs) please let me know as it will be used for the egg drop.  Eggs will not be due until later in May.
* Yes, it’s true; there will be another lock out this year.  This year’s event will take place June 5th and more information will come in May.
* Graduation save the date has been sent out.  Thank you to Fran, Sharon and Darla for spearheading!
* Innovation day planning slips are due April 30th with parent signature.  All materials needed for the day needs to be brought to school by May 23rd.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Early Release CRT Tuesday, April 23rd , Glacier Creek visit April 30th 8:30 to 10:15 AM, 5th grade track meet Thursday, May 2nd, MAP testing Map 6th and 7th 1 PM, Innovation Day Wednesday, May 8th all day, Sub all day May 15th, Tangle of the Titles May 20th1 PM, Lock Out June 5th all day, 5th Grade Graduation June 7th 1:30 PM in lunch room.


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