Friday, March 8, 2013

Newsletter March 8, 2013

Ripp Newsletter
March 8, 2013
Thank you Cece and Buddy for writing this week’s newsletter!
MathIn Math we just had our unit 8 test and next week Monday we are starting unit 9. We are going to be switching classes. Make sure your students show you their test on Monday .
Social StudiesIn social studies we just started are simulation about setting the stage for the Revolutionary war. The students did a town meeting with presenting what happened on April 19th 1775. We have discussed how kids are somewhat leaning towards their sides either Patriots, Loyalist, or Undecided. Max has been a great sport for being the only undecided.
Reading –  We just finished Literacy Week! If you have not seen out legendary Harlem Shake, go to that is... We just started out author study. Brainstorm some project/presentation ideas with your child.
Writing –  Next week we will begin writing Fantasy Stories. We finished our grand literary essays (which no one cared for). What a relief! Students just did not want anything to do with essays after this. Luckly I don’t have to teach it any more.
Science We just begun our Landform unit and we are going to start studying maps and elevations. There is going to be some dislikes in this unit because all we do is stare at maps.  
*Special Notes*
*The third trimester begins on Monday the 11th
*Mrs. Ripp’s Birthday is Coming up on March 14th... PI Day. Gifts are allowed!:)... Remember to make her a lovely card!
*Book character was so fun.. all the kids had a great time dressed up as their favorite characters.
*Start telling your kids “This is your last year before Middle School”, but if you get emotional really easily, it’s probably not a good idea. Start thinking about The Graduation
*Read! Read! Read!

Mrs. Ripp’s  Notes:
*  Thank you for coming to conferences, I look forward to our next set this coming Tuesday.
*  Kendra, our Canadian student teacher, introduced herself to us and read us a fable.  She has also created this week’s blogging challenge and will start book talks with the students next week to give her a chance to get to know them better.
*  Literacy week was a huge success; thank you to everyone who read for us and donated books for the book swap.  We will continue to celebrate books as we continue to love reading.
*  Report cards will go home the week before spring break.
* We are on Twitter as a class.  As part of the author study,we will be reaching out to some of our favorites via Twitter.  The account is run by me and the students tweet under my supervision.  It is another great way for us to connect with people and to share our blogs.  You can follow us @MrsRippsClass
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars:  Conferences March 12th,  Third Trimester begins March 11th,  No CRT March 14th, Mrs. Ripp gone all day at training on March 19th, Report cards go home week of March 19th, Spring break March 23rd through March 31st, Engineering Expo April 18th, Guidance counselor from Glacier Creek April 16th at 1:30 PM, Middle School visit April 30th 8:30 AM, Track Meet May 2nd all day.


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