Friday, March 15, 2013

Author Study Details and Ideas

The students have been busy at work on their author studies and should be working on the project both there in school and at home.  The projects are due April 4th and we will start presentations that day.

The big question that the students are trying to answer is:  How does/did the author's life influence their writing?  Their projects should therefore be about their life and work, but also exhibit higher level thinking and inferring.

Their project is student choice, but here are some ideas, many borrowed from the Reading Rockets website:

Create an Animoto

Do a Podcast using Spreaker

Create a Prezi

Create a class book based on the students' responses to the author's work

Create a display highlighting an author's life and work

Create a magazine cover about the author, featuring his/her photograph and then headlines giving a taste of his/her books and biography

Publish a special edition

Create a video review of an author's work

Develop a timeline about the author

Dramatize a scene from one of the books

Create a literary social network

Publish a newspaper about the author

Create a comic

Write a letter to a character in one of the author's books


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