Friday, February 22, 2013

Newsletter February 22, 2013

MathWe are almost halfway through unit 8 and it has been fun to have a big group of students working together.  I particularly enjoy when they have different answers and the ensuing discussion trying to prove their answers.  Missing homework is becoming less of a problem; it is wonderful to see the students use their time wisely. Test is scheduled for March 7th.  Then only 4 units left after that.     
Social Studies – I love the initiative I am seeing with this self-chosen colony research project.  We have discussed what it means to research, how to take notes, how to organize them and then how to turn that into a presentation.  We will be presenting our Prezi’s today, I cannot wait to see what the students uncovered and how they have grown as presenters.  It will be videotaped and students will evaluate their own work as well. 
Science We handed in our science research papers today and will start landforms today as well.  This unit will take us past spring break.
Reading Students are busy reading their genre study books and the unit will culminate next Friday.  We are also busy discussing all of the great books we are reading.  I have heard more incredibly excited students discuss their books than ever before, it is a beautiful thing indeed.
Writing We are busy writing about our reading and the students are having deeper discussions about their reading as well.  I am really excited to see them expand their thoughts as they start to analyze the text.  Students were also given back their fiction stories this week, I do hope they shared them with you.
Special Notes
*  We had a busy week in 5th grade but I love how hard they work. 
*  Don’t forget to send back the guidance slips as you get them filled out and signed.
*  All middle school forms were passed on to Glacier Creek yesterday and we are busy scheduling our visit there in May.
*  Track meet will be May 2nd with a rain date of May 9th.  This is definitely on e of the highlights of our 5th grade year and West Middleton always does well.
*  I will be in Chicago on the 28th presenting at a conference so Mrs. Johnston will be subbing.  I will therefore not be at the choral performance that night but was lucky enough to see the students rehearse yesterday.  We have quite a group of singers!
* Literacy week is coming the first full week of March and with it comes a book swap.  On Thursday March 7th at 2 PM our 5th grade students will partake in a book swap, more info will be coming soon.
*  The students did a phenomenal job presenting to the group of teachers in Oklahoma and the teachers agreed.  See our website for their principal’s reaction!
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Sub all day February 28th, PAC Choral Performance Thursday, February 28th at 6:30 PM,   Pi day and Mrs. Ripp’s birthday March 14th, Spring Break starts after Friday March 22nd and goes to March 31st.


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