Friday, February 15, 2013

Newsletter February 15, 2013

MathWe finished unit 7 with many students successfully completing the unit, though some students are having a harder time with the concepts as they get more abstract and more reliant on prior knowledge.  We start unit 8 Monday which covers more fractions and ratios, with the test tentatively scheduled for March 7th.    
Science We have been busy chewing gum and blowing bubbles in science as we explore how to write a research paper on the best bubblegum.  The research paper will be due next Friday and should be set up in the format shared in the sample paper sent home today.  Next week we will start our third unit of the year; landforms. 
Social Studies – This week we have been busy working on our Prezis as we prepare to present on the 13 colonies to each other.  We have also decided we need to figure out our favorite president which will be explored during resource time. 
Reading Genre study has been a blast so far and the students are zipping through books.  I am having a hard time keeping up with all of their reading, which is a wonderful thing.  My group will be in the lab next week as we start to plan our book trailers and using Animoto to set them up.    
Writing I truly loved the fiction stories created by students; such an imagination and sense of problem/solution.  I will be conferencing with them today and then sending home all of our feedback along with the stories either today or Monday.  We start our next writing unit; Writing about Reading, this afternoon.  A wonderful unit that allows us to really explore and connect deeply with the things we read.

Special Notes
* What a great week it has been, we are in a groove, the students are working hard and we are enjoying what we are learning.    It is a joy to come in and be their teacher every day.
* Thank you so much for an incredible Valentine’s Day Party.  The students loved it, the food was yummy and the kids ate way too much candy.
*  Thank you all for signing up for conferences, notes will be sent home with available times if you have not signed up yet.  Please indicate 2 choices of those times and I will get you scheduled.
* Thea and I will be at the carnival tomorrow, she will be the little girl all in pink and a tutu I am guessing!
*  My literacy assessment meeting went very well and we had some great discussions of how to move forward challenging and reaching all students.
*  If your child will miss school around spring break, please let me know.
*  Guidance has been sending out Step Up slips to discuss and sign with your child, please return them as soon as possible.
*  We are going to the Engineering Expo on April 18th all day and will take as many parents as possible!  This all day field trip is a fantastic chance for students to get interested in all aspects of engineering and it is a great field trip.  Please email me to let me know if you would be interested in going with us.
* The students will be teaching teachers in Oklahoma on Monday how to do a Mystery Skype.  I am excited to give them this opportunity to present to adults. 
* Literacy week is coming the first full week of March and with it comes a book swap.  On Thursday March 7th at 2 PM our 5th grade students will partake in a book swap, more info will be coming soon.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Carnival Saturday, February 16th 2 PM,  Sub all day February 28th, PAC Choral Performance Thursday, February 28th at 6:30 PM,   Pi day and Mrs. Ripp’s birthday March 14th, Spring Break starts after Friday March 22nd and goes to March 31st.


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