Friday, October 12, 2012

Newsletter October 12, 2012

Dear Parents,
       Oh what fun we had! That is the feeling during and after our science unit. It was the unit on Mixtures and Solutions. During the unit the students were able to perform different experiments by finding “mystery “powders, find out what the different definitions of concentration were and take a ‘’fizz quiz.” The look of the students while figuring out the metric system measures while experimenting with Kool-Aid concentrations was priceless! The students also worked with such vocabulary as; solutions, mixtures, saturation and separations.
       We will be having a pizza celebration next week. We have many things to celebrate. First we are celebrating how focused and sharp the students are now during specials. (Art, music, technology, gym class. and library) Mrs. Hyland said that the last art class was their best. We are celebrating the first writing that the students have finished. Finally, were are celebrating the fact that all of the students have finished at least one reading book, it’s summary and their reflection of it.
       In order to have the pizza party next Friday we would like donations of money of two dollars per student for the pizza, soda, cups and napkins. The party will be on Friday, October 19th. Thank you so much for any and all donations.
       Have a wonderful weekend!
       Connie Johnston


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