Thursday, September 27, 2012

Newsletter September 28, 2012

Dear Parents,
       Busy! Busy! Busy! Still only September but the students have accomplished many things already. On Monday the students finished their first unit in math with a test on factors and started a new unit on Wednesday.  The test on factors will come home on Friday. The new unit is called Estimation and Computation.
       In reading, the students have been reading independent books, as well as books as a group. Students are reading stories about sports, dogs and the great outdoors. We have started to talk about setting, character, main idea, problem and the outcome of a story.
       The students have started to draft their first stories in writing class. You may be hearing such vocabulary as “seed ideas,” rewriting, editing, and publishing.
       Scholastic orders and pictures are due tomorrow.  Book fair is coming in October. Information about that will come home on Friday as well.
       Five reasons to be proud of our class this week;
1.  The students met with their first grade buddies on Monday. They did a great job making them feel welcome.
2.  The students walked out of the school during a fire drill with their buddies. Everyone was calm and followed the directions during the fire drill.
3.  The students have been focused and sharp during their specials.
4.  The fifth graders are back to playing football at recess time because they are following the playground rules.
5.  The students have had great discussions for the read aloud “James and the Giant Peach.”

Next week the students start the Global Read Aloud reading “The One and Only Ivan.” This is something new for me and I am looking forward to it.
      Have a wonderful weekend.
         Connie Johnston



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