Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Edmodo and Pedometers

Today I had the pleasure of coming in and teaching the students about Edmodo.com, as well as give them their new pedometers.

The pedometers will be used for the Global Childrens Challenge, which starts tomorrow September 19th.  The premise is very simple:  students wear the pedometers for 50 days, track their footsteps and report them to me through Edmodo.  I then log them on the website where we progress through "the world" as our steps are counted.  The challenge was created to get kids up and moving since 15,000 steps is the recommended amount for children this age.  I will be wearing one as well and look forward to this first global challenge with the students.

Edmodo is a great secure social media platform that I explained in the technology letter.  We also refer to it as a "safe Facebook" in that students get to post on their wall, but only publicly, as well as have a profile.  We will be using Edmodo to communicate as a class, as well as to communicate with our partner class in California during the Global Read Aloud.  For now the students get to be more unstructured on our class page, once I am back in the classroom, we will discuss better ways to utilize the tool.


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