Friday, May 4, 2012

Newsletter May 4, 2012

* The egg drop is coming and we are still looking for someone to donate eggs or Ziploc bags, let me know if you are interested.*

May 4, 2012
MathWe are almost done with unit 11 with the test set for Thursday.  The final unit is on ratio, probability and rates and will take us to the end of the year.
Science We continue to observe our terrariums and even Mr. Meinholz and Mr. Getz are impressed with the explosive growth of our plants.  Apparently we have quite a lot of green thumbs in here.  Next week will wrap up our terrarium observations so students will be allowed to bring home the plants.  I did ask them to check with parents to make sure you want them as well.  The biome project is going well with students being told the final part of the challenge; they have to teach and assess how well they taught it to the rest of the class.  So the steps for the day of the presentation will be; 1.  Hand in group paper with a bibliography, 2.  Teach your biome lesson to the rest of the class, 3.  Assess how much the students now know about your biome, 4.  Group reflection and evaluation of how well you did as a teacher.
Social Studies – All students are typing their drafts of their biography reports and then meeting with me for feedback.  Since this is their culminating writing project for the year expectations are high.  We will also be spending time with the social studies books and finishing those.
Reading We did our MAP test for reading but have not done math yet due to software issues.  
Writing Students convinced me to let them continue to blog and have been doing quite well in their commenting, as well as their creative ways to use a paperclip.  Scripts are coming along nicely and I particularly enjoy seeing what the students represent in our classroom.  It is very eye-opening to get their perspective on how 5th grade is.  We continue working with pronouns in grammar but next move to adjectives.
Special Notes
* What a fantastic, albeit with mixed weather, experience the track meet was.  I was especially proud of how well the students represented West Middleton and our community in their behavior.  It was also great to see all of the parents out there supporting the students.  Hopefully we will hear final results of the meet at some point.
* The talent show is this next Friday and I will be taking all participants, as well as four stage helpers, with me to the PAC at 11 AM.  Mr. Powers and Mrs. Stirn have graciously agreed to stay behind with the rest of our class, getting to lunch, and on the bus.  I will be driving back on the bus with all of the students.
* Innovation day is this Monday, which means students need all of their materials here in the morning.  I cannot wait to document the day.  You are also more than welcome to stop by and see the kids at work if you have time.  As always, our door is open.  We will work all day except for recess time and PE.
* The students also made me proud on our visit to Glacier Creek.  It was wonderful to see their excitements and their curiosity about their new adventure. 
 *  I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Innovation Day Monday, May 7th all day, Junior Achievement Tuesday, May 8th 1:00 – 1:50 PM, Talent Show Friday, May 11th 12:30 PM,  Egg drop Friday, May 18th 1 PM, Junior Achievement Tuesday, May 22nd (final one), No school Monday, May 28thSub in the afternoon Wednesday, May 30th, Lock Out Wednesday, June 6th , 5th grade graduation Friday, June 8th 1:30 PM.


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