Friday, May 25, 2012

Newsletter May 25, 2012

MathUnit 12 test was today and we do the end of the year test Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  Overall, I am impressed with the growth in skills and confidence I have seen in all of my students this year in math.  Math facts will be huge in 6th grade so if they are not secure, I urge them to be practiced.
Social Studies – We finished our simulation on how a bill becomes a law and the only one that made it past all three legislative branches was the law that we should have a la carte at the elementary level.   What impressed me the most was the debate the two chambers of congress had over the bills; way to do some quick thinking.  We are finishing the final chapter in the social studies book as well and will present our biography extension projects starting Tuesday.
Science – We tried to hatch brine shrimp but they died right away.  A very sad day for science observations, indeed.  We get to discuss why we think they didn’t survive as well as present our biomes.  I cannot wait to see how the students will be as teachers and how they will assess themselves.
Reading Reading time has been dedicated to script writing or our biography projects.  I have ordered books for summer from the recommendations of the students and our library committee is itching to get started on the annual library clean up, which will happen next week.   
Writing The final blogging challenge has been posted and is due next Sunday.  With more than 2,000 comments and over 650 posts created, I would say that it has been a successful year of blogging!  Students have started filming their videos for the incoming 5th graders and I love the enthusiasm with which they attack the challenges.  There may be only 10 days left of school but we still have a lot to do.    
Special Notes
* Students voted on their top 10 in Mrs. Ripp’s room and as always it is fun for me to see what really stuck out to them. A committee will be creating the poster for display for next year.
*  Advanced math testing has taken place for the year, if you have any questions please contact Amy Weber.
*  The lock out takes place on Wednesday, June 6th.  Students do not need to bring anything with them as lunch will be at Rocky Rococo’s.  I am really looking forward to this fun day.
*  All library books were due today so now would be a great time to sweep your house for any missing library books either from our classroom library or from Mr. Powers’.  Thank you for your help!
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: No school Monday, May 28th, Sub in the afternoon Wednesday, May 30th, Lock Out Wednesday, June 6th, 5th grade graduation Friday, June 8th 1:30 PM.


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