Friday, May 11, 2012

Newsletter May 11, 2012

MathWe finished unit 11 yesterday with only moderate confusion.  This unit definitely made me reflect a lot on how we best can teach students deep geometrical concepts.  Overall, most students did well on the test and we start our final unit on Monday with the unit test scheduled for May 25th.
Science The plants were starting to yellow which told us their nutrients were running low.  We therefore transplanted all of them, made our final observations and concluded which environments would work the best for growing strong plants.  Next week start to hatch brine shrimp, or try to anyway!  Next week it is also all about the egg drop, which will take place Friday at 1:30 PM by sticking Mr. Rykal on the kindergarten roof.  We can’t wait!
Social Studies – All first drafts were due today and now students will need to work mostly on edits at home since we have another simulation to start that ties in with our final unit; government in the newly formed United States.  I am excited to see the finished products as well as their extension projects.  These will be due May 25th as well.
Reading Reading continued to be focused on our social studies project.
Writing We have been journaling, blogging on ways to use a paperclip, as well as working on our scripts for 4th grade.  Filming of these mini plays will take place the week of May 21st. 
Special Notes
* What an amazing teacher appreciation week this has been.  The students had me in tears many times from their outpouring of kindness and love.  I have the best job in the world.
* Innovation Day was amazing!  A video of it will be posted this weekend later featuring interviews with the kids of why other teachers should try it as well.  We did a gallery walk presentation to show off all of our projects; it was quite incredible to see what the students created.
* Advanced math testing happened this week, I do not know when results will be communicated. 
* The students sent thank you emails to former teachers using the site – many teachers couldn’t believe the gratitude and were touched by the surprise thanks.
* Graduation and the lock out are being planned at the moment with more details to come soon.
* The students have been asking for it all year; a technology party.  This will finally take place on Friday, May 25th after lunch.  I will send more details closer to the date.
Overheard in the computer lab Wednesday: 
What do you mean she is not married?  She has kids!

Isn't Mrs. Boles' first name "Debra?" She looks like a Debra...

You don't think Mrs. Odgren will retire right, she is only 45...
* With the talent show today I will be taking all participants and stage helpers over to the PAC at 11 AM.  Mr. Powers and Mrs. Stirn will be the chaperones for the rest of the class.  Doors will open at 12:30 or so at the PAC but not much sooner.
 * I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Talent Show Friday, May 11th 12:30 PM, Egg drop Friday, May 18th 1 PM, Junior Achievement Tuesday, May 22nd (final one), Technology Afternoon Friday, May 25th 1:00 PM, No school Monday, May 28thSub in the afternoon Wednesday, May 30th, Lock Out Wednesday, June 6th, 5th grade graduation Friday, June 8th 1:30 PM.


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