Monday, April 2, 2012

SS Biography Report Components

After discussion with the students, these are components that are necessary for a complete biography project:

  • Report is written as a story with a beginning, middle, end, and no bullet points.
  • Length is between 2 and 5 typed pages, double spaced, font is Times New Roman, size 12.  Title needs to be size 14 and underlined.  
  • Final report should be a mini biography of the person, not a question and answer paper.
  • Students must read at least one good sized biography (at least 200 pages) or books can be added up.  Some students have very narrow topics and we have discussed the possibility of finding more books or even adding internet sources to their page count.
  • The internet can also be used but most details should come from book.
  • Students will cite all sources using MLA citation - to be taught by Mrs. Ripp.  For now students should just keep track of their sources in their notes.
  • Other important detail to possibly includes:  
    • Why are they famous?
    • Why did you pick them to study?
    • What are their accomplishments?
    • What is their connection to America?
    • When were they born and when did they die?
    • Connections between other famous people?
    • Family history?
    • Education?
    • Important events that made them who they are?
    • Title page instructions to come but a picture of the person (if available) should be included.

Extension Project:
  •  Can be a multimedia project, such as : Prezi, Animoto, PowerPoint, Video, Stop-motion,  Digital story, Podcast, digital scrapbook etc.
  • Or it can be an artistic project, please no posters, but a model, invention, 3-d sculpture,or something else you create (check with Mrs. Ripp)
Students will be turning in their typed report to me, no deadline set yet, and will be presenting their extension project to the class.  So along with their project, they should prepare an explanation of that project.

We will be giving a lot of work time in school to work on this project and steps will be outlined for students based on the infographic posted below.

Image from here

Thank you Kelly Tenkelly for the great source!



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