Friday, April 27, 2012

Newsletter April 27, 2012

MathWe started unit 11 this week and it is a very short unit reviewing geometric solids as well as volume.  So far the test is scheduled for May 10th.  This unit highlights many concepts that were introduced both in 4th grade as well as earlier in the year. 
Social Studies – We wrapped up the timeline of the Revolutionary War.  Poor Nathanael Greene who died of sunstroke after refusing the post of Secretary of War.  I love seeing how the students’ overall knowledge of American history is really playing into their discussions and inferences.  Well done!  The final chapter of the year focuses on our Constitution and government. 
Science – We continue to observe our terrariums and the students have become quite adept at fixing any small issues that may arise.  Today we also get to explore what happens when you overwater your plants.  We are also working on our biome projects where the students have to research and present their biome to the rest of the class in some way.  Many creative ideas have been floating around the room.
Reading The biography project is moving along smoothly with a lot of time dedicated to it in class.  We decided that this Monday all students have to be ready to start typing their first draft of their report.  We are hoping for a due date of later in May.  We have also discussed what the students would expect from a successful report, I love when they add their teacher perspective.  
Writing We are working on writing scripts to create informational plays for the incoming 4th graders on how to succeed in 5th grade.  We are hoping to use our new Adobe software to edit the movies, thanks Adobe for the donation!  We have also been learning about pronouns and journaling this week.
Special Notes
* Talent show letters go home later today.  We had to cut more than half of the acts this year, there are just so many talented kids at West Middleton!  We cannot wait for the show at the PAC on May 11th, a parent letter will be sent home with details.
* Track meet is next week Thursday (hopefully) and students need to bring a BROWN BAG lunch.  We simply do not have rooms in our coolers for any fancy bags or anything like that.  Also, all items in their lunches need to be disposable or students will have to carry them in their backpacks.  Please check the weather forecast the night before to make sure your child has enough warm clothes or sunscreen if need be. 
*  As I was tucking Thea in, I reminded her of what she is good at such as painting, being kind, singing, and being nice.  She interrupts me to add, “…And watch TV!”
*Huge congratulations to Nate who not only took second place with his team at the math meet but also moves on in the competition!
* The egg drop is coming and we are still looking for someone to donate eggs or Ziploc bags, let me know if you are interested.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Map testing Wednesday, April 25th 1:30 – 2:30 PM and Friday, May 4th 1:10 – 2:10 PM, Morning sub Wednesday, May 2nd, Glacier Creek Visit 12:40 PM – 2:40 PM Wednesday, May 2nd, 5th grade track meet Thursday, May 3rd, Innovation Day Monday, May 7th all day, Junior Achievement Tuesday, May 8th 1:00 – 1:50 PM, Talent Show Friday, May 11th 12:30 PM,  Egg drop Friday, May 18th 1 PM, Junior Achievement Tuesday, May 22nd (final one), No school Monday, May 28thSub in the afternoon Wednesday, May 30th, Lock Out Wednesday, June 6th , 5th grade graduation Friday, June 8th 1:30 PM.


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