Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Diary of a Revolutionary War Soldier

Note: This project is only for my large group in our social studies switch - not my whole class.
Diary of a Revolutionary War Soldier
Mission:  To produce a 10 entry diary from the perspective of a Revolutionary War soldier with at least one letter from home.

Goal:  A book that looks and reads like a diary from a developed character.

  1. You must develop a soldier character - you decide whether he is fighting for the British or the Colonists
  2. This character will keep a diary of their trials with at least 10 entries in it.
  3. Each entry should be at least 2 paragraphs.
  4. You should also write and include one “letter from home” to be put in the diary.  You may choose whom this letter came from.  You may include other things such as drawings, maps etc, whatever you want to to make it more realistic.
  5. Diary entries can include:  where they are fighting, outcomes of battles, how your character is feeling, tidbits about home, plans for further battles, hopes and fears etc.
  6. The diary needs to be bound in some way to look like a diary - be creative.
  7. This should be handwritten and the spelling should reflect the background of the soldier.  Really develop your character through brainstorming before you start to write these entries.
  8. Due on May 9th.

  • Time will be taken to fully develop your character before you start writing.
  • Each entry should be grounded in history, meaning you use the knowledge you are learning in your entries.
  • Creativity matters, try to make it look like a diary.  Paper can be supplied by Mrs. Ripp


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