Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Next Big Social Studies and Reading Project

After the break, I am excited to have the students focus on the life of a person of their choice.  With this unit dedicated to biographies, the students will get to choose one person to study, create a written report detailing their life as well as create a multi-media project of their choice to go with it.

The requirement for the person they choose is that:
  •  It has to be a real person
  • Lived between the years of 1300 and 1800.  
  • The person has to have had some part in American history whether as an explorer, or as someone living here.
Over break the students have to decide who they want to study and read about.  If they can, they should also pick up a proper biography about them  to read in class (not picture book format).   We have some limited biographies here but we can order home from other libraries.  Otherwise the public library is a fantastic resource as well.  

More information will be forthcoming after break as to the requirements and process.


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