Friday, March 9, 2012

Newsletter, March 9th 2012

MathWe wrapped up all about fractions this week and I was very pleased to see the hard work had paid off for many students.  Next unit starts on Monday with a focus on area, perimeter and coordinate grids; the test for this unit is scheduled for April 3rd.  Then only 3 more units to go after that.
Social Studies – The students are working on the presentations of their Prezis.  I am thrilled to see all of their effort and how invested they have become in their topics.  These presentations will be filmed and shared on our website for your viewing pleasure.  We have also started switching again 3 days a week.  This allows us to cover the material through a reading lens and also do individual class projects.  
Reading We finished Jump Ship to Freedom and what an ending it was.  The students have really become invested in the book and it was a thrill to see their interest and enthusiasm for it.  Up until spring break we will just get to do a lot of reading during this time and start a new project after break.
Writing  Superheroes need to have a super-villain to have a story to be a part of and that is where our focus shifted today.  I cannot wait to share all of the superheroes with you; what imaginations!  
Science The Grand Canyon Challenge was unveiled but we did not get a lot of time to work on it with our assessments taking longer than expected.  It was wonderful to see the thorough explanations students provided in their answers and how much science vocabulary was used.  After break we start our final Foss unit; Environments.
Special Notes
* Conferences have started and I so love the conversations coming from them.  It is wonderful to see how the students present their own evaluations as well.  If something comes up with your conference time just let me know so we can reschedule.
*Report cards go home next week; all students have discussed their grades with me so there should be no surprises.
*  PTO Bowling is coming up on April 14th and more information goes home today on it.  Brandon and I will be bowling with Mr. Nichols and his partner, we cannot wait!
* Thank you for your well wishes to Thea, she is doing much better and will be back to her stubborn self in no time I am sure.
*  It is a bit of a thinking blogging challenge this week; the students have been asked to “Pay it Forward.”  I love the ingenuity of the few ideas I have seen so far.
*  Nouns are done for now and we move into verbs.  Some of these grammar packets turned out to be challenging for the students which I think is a great thing.
*   I will be attempting a Danish lagkage for my birthday celebration and then maybe some free time for the kids as well.  
*  Thea and I will be at the choral performance on Monday, I love seeing the students on stage!  Remember to let Ms. Bodell know if you will not be able to attend.
*  The energy in the room is contagious; I love how dedicated the students are to our room and the projects we have going.  It really makes the day fly by fast.
 * I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: PAC Choral Performance Monday, March 12th at 6:30 PM,  Stuart Little Thursday, March 22nd 9:15 AM to 12:15 PM,  Mrs. Johnston is subbing for me all day March 23rd, Spring Break starts after Friday March 23rd and goes to April 1st,   Sub from 1 PM on Tuesday, April 3rd, No school Friday, April 6th, PTO Bowling Saturday, April 14th.


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