Friday, March 16, 2012

Newsletter March 16, 2012

MathThis unit is perfect for the students as we near spring break; lots of review and creativity.  In fact, I have been really impressed with how hard they are working and how into coordinate grids they are.  The test will take place on Tuesday, April 3rd with the new unit starting the next day.
Social Studies – The students started presenting their Prezi’s this week; what a wonderful display of knowledge and dedication to their topic.  It has been wonderful to see them embrace this presentation tools and become teachers in how to use it with each other.  We continue to get closer to the Revolutionary War and will finish this lesson the week after spring break.
Reading We have been working on social studies and language arts during reading time and many students have already read several books for book talks.  Over the break, I hope all students will take some time to read.
Writing In Superheroes we worked on our setting today, creating the backdrop to our characters.  Next week will be focused on creating the final dossier of our creations and presenting them to the class.  Blogging challenges took a break as the students gave me new ideas for future challenges.
Science The Grand Canyon challenge introduced us to Google Sketch Up this week.  The students rarely say “Wow” out loud but with this sketch tool they did.  I told them they are also able to download the free version on their home computers, which some students had already done.  Of course, they need your permission to do so.  My husband is hoping to come in to be a guest teacher for Sketch Up next week; he knows a lot of tricks!  After break we start our final Foss unit; Environments.
Special Notes
* Thank you all for the wonderful discussion held during conferences.  I am fortunate to be part of your child’s journey and really enjoy discussing their challenges and strengths with you. 
*Report cards go home today.  Some have already received their report card from me during conferences, but either way the white envelope needs to be signed and returned to me. 
* Thank you for an incredible birthday.  From homemade cards, bracelets and treats, I was spoiled.  Even the weather cooperated and we played kickball since the sledding party hopefully will never happen.
* Remember to send in donations for the PTO Bowling if you have gift cards to donate. 
* The students really stepped up to the blogging challenge last week detailing ideas of how to “pay it forward.”  Please take a moment to read their posts and leave us a comment, this was a tougher one for them and they really pulled through.
* Middle school is sneaking into our minds so after spring break the guidance counselors will come speak to us.  We will also be taking a bus tour to Glacier and get to spend some time there.  Today an orange selection sheet was sent home; please note that students can only select one thing in 6th grade from the 4 choices.  All other classes are not up for choice.
*   Thea and I loved the choral performance; who knew that so many of the kids are so coordinated.  Thea did throw a mini tantrum when she found out that she was not allowed to be on stage, she saw her friends and wanted to dance with them.
* I will be out of the room Thursday and Friday next week due to a massive flight disturbance; our flights were cancelled this week and we have since re-booked.  The fabulous Mrs. Johnston will be the sub both days and she will accompany the students on the field trip, which she did last year as well.  I have full faith in the students to represent us well.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars:, Stuart Little Thursday, March 22nd 9:15 AM to 12:15 PM, Mrs. Johnston is subbing for me all day March 22nd and 23rd, Spring Break starts after Friday March 23rd and goes to April 1st,   Sub from 1 PM on Tuesday, April 3rd, No school Friday, April 6th, PTO Bowling Saturday, April 14th.


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