Monday, March 5, 2012

The Grand Canyon Challenge

So you can see what was unveiled in our classroom today, this is what I presented the students with:

The Grand Canyon Challenge

Congratulations, you have just earned a degree in structural engineering and you are ready for your first real world challenge!

Goal:  To move one 12 feet by 12 feet crate from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other every day of the year.  

Challenge:  Design a device to handle the move of the crate every day, no matter the weather, without damaging the crate.

  • Your device may not fly.
  • Your device may not be a permanent fixture spanning the gap because it will harm the view for the tourists.
  • Your device must work in any kind of weather.
  • Your crate cannot float.
  • You may not damage the Grand Canyon so you can not roll it down the sides every day.
  • The crate only has to go to one side every day, not back and forth.

Extra Information:
  • Your device must be able to bridge a 2 mile gap.
  • You have to be able to sketch it using Google Sketch Up (to be taught).
  • You have to use “real world” materials, not anything invented by you.
  • Keep cost in mind, you cannot strap rockets to your crate every day because it would damage the crate and also be too expensive.

  • Challenge discussion and group brainstorm.
  • Conceptual sketch and idea exploration.
  • Peer discussion.
  • Further sketching, more detailed.
  • Peer discussion.
  • Teacher approval.
  • Final sketch.
  • Intro to Google Sketch Up and exploration.
  • Initial sketch.
  • Kinks and Quirks with modifications.
  • Teacher meeting.
  • Final sketch.
  • Presentation to the class.


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