Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What a Great Digital Learning Day We Had

Today was the first Digital Learning Day that I have participated in and it was fun to see what the students were involved in. Often we have so much technology integrated into our day that I don't even think about how much technology is used in our room. The big moment was definitely when the students did their webinar; I was quite the proud teacher seeing them run through their script, do the filming and everything else. They have worked so hard on it. In the afternoon we then got to Skype with a Kindergarten classroom in Lakeland Florida. They had never Skyped before and we got to show them how to do it. They had prepared questions for us regarding our weather and thought Wisconsin sounded very cold, even with our 40 degree weather. Finally in social studies, my group went to the computer lab to play various games centered around Colonial America. What a great day of learning.


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