Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Social Studies Project on Slavery

The students have started their self-chosen research topics under slavery.  The project will run for the next two weeks with Prezi presentations hopefully in the beginning of March.  The students will be using my prezi account to create their final product and time will be given in school.  They ahve each chosen whether to work with a partner or not, what their topic under slavery should be, and how their Prezi appears.

The goal of the presentations are for them to:
  • Be familiarized with the process of research: writing a topic statement, brainstorming questions, using books and evaluating web sources before writing commences.
  • Students will be asked to create a Prezi as their final project to go along with their presentation.  This tool allows them to have keywords visible for their audience while the "meat" of their presentation will be on their notecards.  We are working on not reading our presentations to the audience.
The process in school is as follows:
  • Pick a topic and pick a partner or not.
  • Brainstorm possible topic statements - what is they are hoping to learn about and then teach their audience.
  • Create a list of questions to guide their research.
  • Start a list of keywords for their Prezi anchors.
  • Utilize library books to begin their research, everyone taking notes of their found information along the way.
  • Organizing notes and realizing where holes are.
  • Using some provided web resources as well as evaluating proper resources for usage.
  • Once all research has been gathered, start work on Prezi and notecards.
  • Practice presentation.
  • Give presentation.
I am excited to showcase Prezi as a tool for the students, as well as giving them a bigger insight into how to do proper research.  The students seem to really be loving the project thus far.



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