Friday, February 24, 2012

Newsletter February 24, 2012

MathWe are halfway through unit 8 and it has been fun to have a big group of students working together.  I particularly enjoy when they have different answers and the ensuing discussion trying to prove their answers.  Missing homework is becoming less of a problem, it is wonderful to see the students use their time wisely. Test is scheduled for March 7th.  Then only 4 units left after that.     
Social Studies – I love the initiative I am seeing with this self-chosen slavery research projects.  We have discussed what it means to research, how to take notes, how to organize them and then how to turn that into a presentation.  We also started using Prezi; wow, after 20 minutes of messing around the students had created pretty spectacular presentations.  I cannot wait to see what their final product looks like, it will be videotaped and students will evaluate their own work as well. 
Science We are almost done with Landforms, which means next week we will finish work on flashcards and do a check-in assessment.  Students are using their notes as well as their memory to do the assessment and they will get two chances to do it.  That leaves us 3 weeks for Google Sketch Up and a very special Grand Canyon Challenge, I can’t wait.
Reading Students are more than halfway through Jump Ship and I do love the discussion and questions we have.  Our student teacher, Meagan, will be leading a discussion next week for chapter 9. 
Writing I am correcting their Secrets stories for students to create a final copy.  These stories will be shared at conference to set writing goals.  Next week begins our next unit which has to do with developing characters and setting, I have a feeling it will be very Super (hint)!  We started grammar this week with a refresher on nouns, we continue with plural nouns as well as punctuation next week. 
Special Notes
*  The students handed in their twin gender predictions, apparently there is a feeling of boys in the air.  We find out April 3rd and I will bring in cupcakes to reveal to the kids.
*  Literacy week is all next week and our book cover committee hit the ball out of the park, I will be posting pictures soon.  It is wonderful to see the creative ideas of the kids as well as them stepping into leadership roles.  More information on literacy week can be found on our website.
* Strep throat letters went home today, please take a moment to read them.
* I run the West Middleton talent show along with Ms. Bodell and auditions will be coming up sooner than you  think, so if your child is thinking of participating please have them start practicing and figuring out their talent.  The show is May 11th this year with audition dates to be set soon.
*  We will be having some sort of birthday celebration for me on March 14th.  I have not decided what it will amount to but there will be treats.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Literacy week February 27th through March 2nd, PAC Choral Performance Monday, March 12th at 6:30 PM, Spring Break starts after Friday March 23rd and goes to April 1st, No school Friday, April 6th, PTO Bowling Saturday, April 14th.


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