Friday, January 27, 2012

Newsletter January 27, 2012

Math – We finished unit 6 with flying colors and started unit 7 today. So far the test is scheduled for February 14th before the CRT. Students continue to improve in their math facts, which show in their math work.

Science – Students are changing variables in our stream tables. Wednesday we added slope to our table – that sped things up! And today we will change the water source to a flood cup. Next week students get to create their own experiments, which is always a blast.

Social Studies – Students were placed into new groups this week and we will be learning more about the Middle Colonies. In my group we have also been discussing voting rights and writing letters trying to persuade others to come to New Netherland.

Reading – We started “Jump Ship to Freedom” this week. All of the kids so far find the book fascinating and I look forward to the discussions surrounding the events in the book. We will also be focusing on summarizing chapters as well as finding keywords.

Writing – Writing took place mostly in social studies as committees have been busy at work on various video projects for our classroom. Today we again focused on secrets of a 5th grader and we are seeing great progress there.

Special Notes –
* We have been blogging about traveling in time which just happens to coincide with this year’s contest theme for Doodle for Google. This annual contest is one the kids look forward to! The grand prize winner will get a $30,000 scholarship, their school will receive a $50,000 scholarship and their Doodle will be featured on Google’s homepage for a day. Students were given contest rules yesterday and have until March 15th to submit to me, their submissions do require parent signatures so be aware of that.
* I also received the fun news this week that our class will be featured in a 6 minute webinar on Wednesday for the Wisconsin Digital learning day. A committee is busy planning the script and setting up the blogging showcase for educators around Wisconsin. We will give you more information when we have it.
* We are hoping to go sledding next Thursday with our buddies depending on how much snow we have left. Students will be asked to bring in their sled for the event.
* We also were introduced to our virtual collaborator Meagan Amy this week. She is an education major from Canada who will be following our class virtually and collaborating with the kids through Skype, she is very excited to get started.
* Congratulations to Eric, David and Kyra for their success in the Yahara River Writers Contest. I am also excited to see student art work submissions for the covers and insets.
* This week Thea named the twins Keemo and Hippo, she also now has told me she has 3 babies in her stomach. We didn’t realize she was such a one-upper.
* Again a reminder that I will be out of the classroom until 10 AM on Thursday. Ms. Bodell will do attendance and then the students will go to math. If they have me, they will go to Mr. Getz. I will be back before recess.
* Fashion show video is up on our website. The kids were so creative and funny.
* Guidance will continue to send Team Up slips home every week. Please make sure to go over them with your child and then sign and return them to me. A lot of students are still missing the first one that was due Tuesday.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Colonial Feast January 31st, No Mrs. Ripp 8:15 AM to 10 AM February 2nd (students will have math with Mr. Meinholz instead), Valentine’s Day Party 9:30 AM February 14th, Early Release February 14th, Assembly February 16th, Carnival Saturday, February 18th 2 PM, and finally The Family Feast February 22nd at 12:20 PM.


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