Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Colonial Day Feast Information

On January 31st at 1 PM we will be having our Colonial Day Feast.  Mindy Sabol is spearheading all volunteering before the event and during.  Students should donate $3 by January 20th to cover the cost of food.

Here is what has been signed up for so far.  Note we are still looking for 5 volunteers to be there from 12:30 PM to 2 PM or so who can help make food,  set up, serve food, and clean up.  We will be feeding 80 kids in the lunch room.  Set up will be at 12:30 and we will be cleaned up by 2:00.
Food NeededParent 1 Parent 2
Mashed potatoes (2 people)Ann KeenanPreeti Bais
Succotash (1 person)Niki WoodN/A
Cornbread muffins (2 people)Karina BurkardLisa Bote
Pumpkin pies (2 people - 2 pies each)Rebecca TirabassiWendy Albert
Apple pies (2 people - 2 pies each)Gwen Schwartz
Molasses Ginger Snaps Cookies (2 people - 4 dozen each)Holly BaggottHeidi Jagoe
Snickerdoodles (2 people - 4 dozen each)Maria Bavishi
2 Nesco’s
3 Crockpot’sHolly Baggott
1 large bowlN/A
1 large basket for rollsN/A

Students are encouraged to dress like Colonial Times and will be given time to change before the feast:  
  • Sweat pants/slacks pushed up like knickers or tucked into socks
  • Long skirts or dresses
  • Vest, sweater or jacket
  • Tube socks
  • Cravat (scarf)
  • White long sleeve shirt or turtleneck
  • Warm layers underneath
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Tri-cornered hat- We’ll make these in school!


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Wendy Albert 2 pumpkin pies

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