Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Rinse Out Your Tie-Dyed Shirt

  1. Keep the dye in the shirt for 24 hours, or overnight.  (In the plastic bag).
  2. To rinse it out you need a basin or a bucket and a source of running water.  (Outside with a bucket and a hose, or inside with a bucket and  laundry sink are good places to rinse).  It will probably take at least 5-10 buckets of water to rinse it.  Lots f dye will come off in the water.
  3. Fill the bucket with water and put the shirt in, rubber bands still on.  Wear gloves or your hands may be stained!  Squeeze the water through the shirt about 20 times, vigorously.  Then empty the bucket and fill again with clear water.
  4. When most of the dye is out you can take off the rubber bands.  The easiest way is to clip them with scissors - but be extremely careful not to make a hole in either your gloves or the shirt.
  5. Continue rinsing and vigorously squeezing water through the shirt until the water is almost clear.  (Changing water in bucket as necessary).  Then wash the shirt in the washing machine on warm water with detergent to get out the rest of the dye.  If you have old towels of similar color to the shirt you could dry them together so the shirt doesn't wrinkle so much.  If you have rinsed it out well no more dye will bleed out after this.
  6. The dye is fiber-reactive dye,  It becomes a part of the cloth,  You do not have to wash it in any special way after this.  It is a good idea to wash it with "similar" colors like you would any other bright colored garment.  It will not fade unless it is washed with bleach.  Also, don't wear it in a chlorinated swimming pool, because this will make it fade.  Enjoy!


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