Friday, October 21, 2011

Newsletter October 21, 2011

MathWe are rocking through unit 3 and the unit test will be on November 3rd.  The students are working with their protractors and compasses and also learning about angles.  I am excited to see the progress in math facts.
Social Studies – The second chapter on the early people is in full swing and the students continue working on comparing, contrasting and working on projects tied in with the text. 
Reading We have been discussing main ideas and details as it ties in with our writing and we are getting better at summarizing.  We use these skills in all of our subjects and the students are feeling more and more comfortable retelling something in their own words.  We will be starting Harry Potter “The Sorcerer’s Stone” as our next read aloud which ties in with character conflicts, author’s purpose and themes of literature.  I encourage the students to bring in their own copy of the book if they have it and have also ordered copies for the class.  We will take the time to dig into the mythology of the book as well, I can’t wait!
Writing This week was all about topic sentences in our writing boot camp.  Students have been given 3 different types of topic sentences to use as they write.  They have been browsing articles to look for great topic sentences and are getting more critical in their approval of them.  We love going back to basics and I get a kick out of “this is so fun!”  that I hear in the classroom.
Special Notes
* We continue to just have a blast learning.  Today, during science when the kids were working on challenges it just was incredible to see them work together and also to hear all of the great ideas.  They are becoming critical problem solvers and learners, what an adventure it is.
* Next week will be a short one with a lot of learning packed into 2 ½ days.  We will watch Tuck and compare it to the book, we will wrap up flip sticks in science and get ready for the flip  stick Olympics, we will continue our boot camp delving into concluding sentences and of course have a lot of fun.
* The harvest party is On Wednesday with food and games.  The students may go to any classroom to participate; Mr. Meinholz will be playing kickball, Mr. Getz will have board games and we will have other types of games. 
* The students are busy blogging and we have been asked to be blogging buddies with a classroom in England who are just learning how to blog.  Please take a moment to leave the kids a comment; they work so hard on their blogs.
* Spelling Bee word lists went home this week, I do not require the kids to participate in the classroom spelling bee, but if you would like your child to participate please let me know.  The top 4 will go on to represent us at the school spelling bee on December 9th.
* The tie-dye shirts went home yesterday and instructions on what to do next are posted on our web site.  Tuesday is wear your tie dye t-shirt to school so mark your calendars.
* Thank you for signing up for conferences, most of you should have received a confirmation from me, if not, you have either not signed up or we are still figuring out a time.
* WKCE info went home today and dates have been set:  November 7th – 10th we will be testing math and reading.
* Dates for your calendar:  CRT is Wednesday, October 26th and No School Thursday October 27th and Friday, October 28th, swimming is November 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, and 18th.  Conferences Tuesday, November 8th through Friday, November 11th


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