Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some $10,000 News

Just thought I would share some incredible news I received today.  I was told today that I have been picked as one of 10 national finalists in the Great American Teach Off.

I have no idea why I was picked out of thousands of nominees but I was and the classroom is now in the running for a $10,000 classroom grant to spend however we like.

While I am humbled, flabbergasted and very excited I need your help.  I have a week to create 5 videos, all 90 seconds long, answering these 5 questions (one video each)
 -How am I an innovative teacher -
What I'm doing to make a difference -
Best teaching tops for teachers across America
-Endorsement from a parent or peer
-What I would do with $10,000 for my classroom  

The videos will then be posted on the website and the American public get to vote for their favorite over the course of 5 weeks.  Each week 2 people get voted off from the least amount of votes and so on until one winner stands.  (voting doesn't start until October 3rd and I will be sending you the link to vote no worries).  I am hoping to feature the kids in these videos since I am not sure I am innovative but the kids certainly are.  

I need your help with the fourth video, I have already contacted Mindy Sabol to hopefully get you guys involved in making that 4th video about the parents.  So if you would be willing to say something about me and the classroom, I am would be honored.  Also if you know of other parents that have anything to say let me know.  I am going to have to get these videos together by the 28th and would love any help I can get.


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