Friday, September 16, 2011

Newsletter September 16th

September 16 2011
Math – We have our first math test on Thursday and then the students get reshuffled for the new unit starting on Monday the 26th. Math fact scores are continuing to improve by leaps and bounds, keep practicing!
Social Studies – We have big news in social studies as it will be flipped to the end of the day, an hour each day. Our new curriculum is a fantastic way to teach reading strategies, as well as to do guided reading and we are excited to use this as a vehicle to tech the students to be better readers. Students will be in small groups and they may have any of us as their teachers. The grouping will start on the 26th as well. Until then we are working on US geography with a scavenger hunt as well as an Animoto project on the US Regions.
Science – We are working on variables; what they are and how we control them. So far we have been swinging pendulums and will change their variables today.
Reading – We start the Global Read Aloud project on Monday and we shared our predictions yesterday for the book. David wrote a wonderful blog post on our class website highlighting our predictions. We have also been inferring in our classroom looking at pictures and trying to build the story as well as writing an article to the headline “Teacher Throws Student Out of School!” I do literacy assessments on Monday so Mrs. Johnston will be in the room all day subbing for me. We are up to 6 minutes of stamina, we will get to 30 soon.
Writing – We are blogging like crazy. And the kids got 98 comments on the first day of blogging! We have already connected with people from Canada, Guatemala, and New Zealand. We are also journaling almost every day and it is wonderful for me to see the students work on their spelling in their journal.
Special Notes –
* I am still experiencing that some parents are not receiving my emails so for any group emails I will be trying to switch to the Infinite Campus messenger instead. This means you will get something that looks a little strange from school message.
* Please consider leaving your child a comment on our blog, they get so excited to see questions and comments. Thank you so much to those of you who already have.
* Did you see us in the Middleton Times Tribune yesterday? There was a little write up about us starting the Global read Aloud. The journalist will also be coming out to take a picture of us at some point for the paper. The article can also be found on our website.
*Please make sure you read the CRT slip coming home today, they are very different this year!
* The classroom calendar is continually updated, please view it on our website to see when there is a sub, parties, early release or anything else going on. Also, if your child has a cool event you would like to invite others to, let me know and I will put it on the classroom calendar. I try to go to these things as well whenever Thea allows it.
* I have some dates for you to put on your calendars: Sub for literacy assessment on Monday, September 19th. The first CRT is September 21st so there will be early release that day at 11:00, PTO Back to School Hawaiian Party Night is September 30th, Scholastic Book fair is October 10th through the 13th, , Family night is Tuesday, October 11th 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM.


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