Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mrs. Ripp's class' predictions about Tuck Everlasting

We are going to read Tuck Everlasting and here are some predictions by our class.

1. Someone who lives forever but then doesn't want to live forever. Sophia Ba
2. A guy that doesn't have any friends so he doesn't want to live forever. Sarah
3. A turtle that wants to live forever. Kyra
4. It's about a girl who's grandparents die and she hopes they will live forever. Keller
5. It's about a girl who can stay young. Anna
6. A boy that doesn't think he has a future so he doesn't want to live forever but then he meets a girl and they learn that they can live forever together. Jordan
7.A girl who has a toad and he wants the toad to live forever, and the toad's name is Tuck. Michael
8. A boy to which a bad storm happens and his whole family dies but he survives and lives forever. Anna K
9. The girl's mom or dad try to find the secret to eternal life so maybe one of them dies and she is going to carry on their work. Sophia B
10. A girl who can live forever but sometimes she doesn't want to. Alysha

I am really exited about the Global Read Aloud. It sounds really fun and I am really anxious to find out!


Gill-Ville said...

Great predictions! We are very excited to start reading the story as well. We will begin tomorrow. I wonder how your predictions will change as we read each chapter. Happy reading.

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