Friday, September 30, 2011

A Land Region Report - One Group's Project in Social Studies

Chapter 1 Writing Activity Guideline
Write a Report

Writing Prompt:  Choose two land regions you have read about in this chapter.  Then write a report that compares and contrasts the two regions discussing climate, geography, landforms, and lifestyles.  Tell about the history of the land regions, as well as what makes them a region.  Provide facts, details, and examples in your report.

Step 1.        Compare and contrast your two chosen land regions by recording their similarities and differences in a chart.  Include differences in climate and geography.
-         Look at the region map on page 16 and 17 for clues.  Use other illustrations to gather more information.
-         In your textbook, find descriptions of what makes a region its own and what sets it apart. 
Step 2.       Use your chart to make an outline for your report.  Think about how to organize the information.  Include an introductory and a closing section.

Step 3.       Use your outline and chart to write a draft of your report.  Make sure you are highlighting similarities and differences between the two regions (compare and contrast).
Step 4.       Review your work to make sure you have divided the information into paragraphs by topic.  Also, check to make sure that used correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.

Step 5.        Make all necessary changes and prepare your final report


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