Friday, September 30, 2011

A Land Region Book - One Groups Project in Social Studies

Chapter 1 Writing Activity Guideline
A Land Region Book

Write and also illustrate a book comparing and contrasting the Land Regions discussed in the chapter.

Step 1.        Decide how you want to organize your book.  For
example, you could discuss each region in a section by itself, or you could do a section on climate, one on geography and so on. 

Step 2.       Use information you learned from your textbook. 
-         Make a list of all of the regions you will include in your book.
-         Use maps and descriptions from your textbook to find out where each region is and what makes them special.  Write notes to yourself about the landforms and the climate.
-         Study pictures and descriptions from your textbook to find and list details about each region. 

Step 3.       Use your lists to prepare the pages of your land regions book.  Remember that this is an illustrated book, so you should include drawings with captions.  You should also include charts, maps, and other types of pictures. 

Step 4.       Review your work.  Does your book illustrate how the land regions are similar and different?  Are your text and artwork historically correct?

Step 5.        Make any necessary changes or additions to prepare your final land regions book.  Put the pages in the correct order.

Step 6.       Follow the directions to make your land regions books cover.  Remember to include a book title on the cover.


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