Friday, September 2, 2011

A Couple of Notes

Hello everyone,
Just a couple of things that I may or may not have mentioned during yesterday's orientation.
  • Snack:  students are encouraged to bring in their own snacks every day following the district snack policy.  Snack will be whenever they are hungry, except for not during science or working with computers.
  • Water bottle:  The kids get thirsty from all the discussions we have.  I encourage every child to bring in a water bottle.
  • Take Home Envelopes:  Every Friday (except for today) the students will bring home their take home envelope with their number on it.  All communication from the office will be placed in these.  Please empty them and sen them back to school no later than Tuesday.
  • Bus notes:  All students need to have a note for the bus driver if they are going on a different bus or getting off at a different stop.  Please send these in with your child so the office can sign them.
  • If you did not get my test email it means I don't have your email address or I entered it wrong.  Please send me an email so I can put you in my system.
We are having a terrific day!  I am putting together a video of a chair challenge we did earlier today.  The kids are just working so well together.  I have the best job in the world.  Have a great weekend!


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