Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapters 1-10 Predictions and Thoughts

Here are some of our thoughts on chapters 1 - 10 for the Global Read Aloud

Mae Tuck says, "Things just are, and fussing don't bring changes."

We feel she is talking about that even if you do complain, nothing is going to ever change.  So it is what is and you can't change it.  Maybe after living so long, she has gotten wiser, so she just lives with it.

The Toad
Is he sort of the man in the yellow suit?  Or is he just a magical creature that was created by a witch?  Karina
Maybe the toad drank from the spring too? Anna K
I think the toad can hear what the people are saying so maybe he can do some stuff for the man in the yellow suit, so he is like a spy.  Abby
The toad is a spy for the yellow suit guy and he has a secret camera on him to spy on the Foster's and the Tuck's.  Sophia Bo

The toad drank the water from the spring.  Sarah
The man in the yellow suit and the Toad are working together as spies.  Keller
The Toad was sent to keep an eye on Winnie by the man in the yellow suit, so he was trained.  Emily

The man in the yellow suit will expose the secret and then they will blame it on Winnie.  So something bad may happen to her but in the end they will find out it is not her.  Jordan 
Winnie is going to go back to her family.  Alex
Winnie is going to find the toad somewhere.  Kyra
The toad is going to speak to Winnie and tell her to leave.  Sean
When Winnie goes back home, she is going to stand up for herself and tell them that she does not like being bossed around.  Emily
A tornado is going to come and bring them back into time to when the spring was first there.  Sophia Bo


Anonymous said...

All of those predictions sound great! Lots of us have similar predictions. do you all enjoy the writing style? We think it is very descriptive, especially when the Tuck family's house is described!

From Miss Johnson's grade 5 class in Moose Jaw, Canada

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we would like to Skype with your class sometime. You can contact us on our blog at

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